Arrendell's Employment Application
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We are hiring registered nurses and CPR instructors (American Red Cross, American Heart Association, National Safety Council, American Safety & Health Institute Trainer) throughout in Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, Palm Beach, Naples Tallahassee and other surrounding areas. 

As per the Florida Statutes (F.S. 429, Part I) and Florida Administrative Codes (59A-36) for Assisted Living Facilities, ONLY a registered nurse or pharmacist can conduct the 6 hours initial training or 2 hours annual update training for ALF staff.    

Requirements for a nurse trainer and mediation cart mock inspector:

1. Must hold a valid RN license in the state of Florida.

2. Must be familiar with the statutes  429.256  and codes 59A-36.008.

3. Must be a professional presenter who can convey the information for staff to understand and carry out their tasks responsib.

4.  Must have a LEVEL II ELIGIBLE Background with AHCA.

Requirements for a CPR trainer:

1. Must hold a valid training certificate with one of the above providers. 

2. Must  have equipment (mannequin, training AED and other material as needed).

3. Must be registered with a training center or you can register with our training center.

4. Must know the material and confirm that every learner completed successfully. 

Application Package

Please complete and submit to Arrendell's email or fax 305-956-5150 with license(s) or certification(s.

1A. Job Application Original - Contractor (pdf)


I-9 2019-2 (pdf)


W9 (pdf)