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Too  many Assisted Living Facilities  close their doors as a result of deficiencies that  could have been prevented.  Many operators who have been in the business for over 10 years have been closed as  a result of the following that we can do for you at the desk and send to you for compliance maintenance on a monthly basis.  Let us do the small stuff, that gives big results while you focus on your residents.

Begin your compliance from the desk, we will prepare the following:

1. Monthly Activity Calendar (Activities that may change, please update.  For residents that attend pace, please request a calendar from PACE and add to this one)

2. Fire Drill (Call the office and we will complete the drill form as you conducted it)

3. Elopement Drill (Required semi-annually, encouraged monthly if you have demented or elopement risk residents)

4. Monthly Financial (January-December income and expense Log)  Only to be used for facility.  Detailed finances are to be manged by your accountant.

5. Staff Schedule (staff to resident ratio must be compliant on a daily and weekly basis)

6.  Admission & Discharge Log (enter when residents arrive and when they leave the facility)

Please click the photo for the Management Desk Form and submit to Arrendell's at 305-956-5150 or 

*Prices are for small bed operators.  Mid and large bed operators may be subject to a higher price. 

At the Desk Consulting and Management
At the Desk Consulting and Management


Fire Evacuation Capability Forms are used to calculate the time it will take the resident to escape the premises with the assistance of a staff.  The fire department will review the time and determine if additional safety measures will have to be implemented.